Model 33 Golf Ball

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Model 33



The Model 33 was developed for the golfer who wants a ball that performs but won’t break the bank. The Model 33 is designed to be long off the tee while minimizing misses. It’s three-piece construction, cast urethane cover, and slightly lower compression enhance the playing feel and predictability. Play Model 33 if you’re a progressing golfer that’s dead set on playing your way.



  • Mid-Low compression ball to maximize distance
  • Enhanced playing feel and predictability
  • Soft feel for scoring 100 yards and in
  • Dead Aim Alignment confirms your putts are rolling true while never having to draw another line on your ball 


Technical Specifications

  • Three-Piece Construction: Less spin on longer distance shots
  • Cast Urethane Cover: Enhanced greenside feel and control
  • 332 Circle Dimple pattern: Optimized aerodynamics
  • Conforms to the Rules of Golf

Open Invite Series

Open Invite is an Uncommon capsule collection designed to be a call to action for inclusivity. It’s built on a belief that tomorrow can be better than today. It’s a story told through golf, but it’s bigger than golf. To learn more about Open Invite and how you can help us promote inclusivity in golf click here 

Player Profile

Model 33 is designed for the golfer who wants a ball that performs but won’t break the bank

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